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Thinking of Moving to Turkey?

Maybe you vacationed in Turkey and fell in love with the country and its culture and traditions. Now you want to live there full time. Before making such a monumental move make sure you know all there is to know about setting up a permanent residence on foreign soil. Do your homework about the region you plan to relocate to. Get sound legal advice before you move. Research the prices of real estate to ascertain how much it is going to cost you to live there. Don’t just take the leap because you visited once or twice and loved the area! Living there permanently is going to be a lot different than visiting for a few weeks.

The cost of living in Turkey is actually one of the main attractions, and is why so many people choose to move there. Property prices are relatively low compared to other countries, but that is not the only consideration you should think about. What about food, utilities, gas for travel, and entertainment prices? Are you ready for all the changes? Do you plan to buy or rent? Perhaps you want to build your home? You must remember that the laws and regulations in Turkey may not be what you are used to in your last area.

Yes, Turkey is a beautiful country. The people are almost always welcoming and friendly if you are willing to adopt their traditions and way of life. You have to ask yourself if this is something you are willing to undertake? It is going to be completely different to what you are used to now. It’s not often easy to fit in and you need to be prepared for unforeseen problems. If you are moving your entire family what about schooling for your children? Will they be able to adapt to a whole new culture? These are questions you should ask and think about before you take on this huge task of moving to a completely new country.

You also should know exactly what you need to purchase or rent property in Turkey. Are your passport and visa up to date? Because you definitely need both of those when moving. What about employment? Have you thought about what you are going to be doing for work? Child care? Remember-you are not just moving to another neighborhood-you are moving thousands of miles away, and you must learn everything you can about the place you have chosen to live out the rest of your life. What may seem like the ideal location when you are vacationing may turn out to be the last place you want to live permanently, and by then it may be too late to change your mind!

If you have definitely made up your mind to move to Turkey then make sure you have legal representation when it comes to matters of real estate. Hire a real estate agent to help you sort through the properties that are for sale, visit as many properties as you can, and don’t buy the first one you see! Sound advice that actually applies to wherever you live. Take your time, get to know the people in your new town, and make sure before you move that this is the perfect choice for your family. Have fun and enjoy your new life!

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Turkey-Land of Enchantment

When you visit Turkey you virtually travel back in time. With numerous monuments, historic ruins and historical sites Turkey can give you a glimpse into the past that you won’t soon forget. On the other hand, Turkey is not just about the past. It is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. Thousands of vacationers visit each year and that number is growing quickly.

Where else can you take a ferry-boat cruise on the Black Sea? The northern region of Istanbul offers cruises that cross the Bosphorus and back, allowing you to visit the villages that dot the area and extend all the way to the beginning of the Black Sea. Not to find of being part of a large group? Get away and join Turks who are on holiday in one of the smaller coast towns near the Black Sea. It’s quieter, cooler, and much more relaxing.

Looking for a little more adventure and excitement while on your vacation? Then why not engage in some white water rafting? This sport is fast becoming one of the most popular activities for vacationers. Hang on to your hat as you go bounding down the Zamanti River, or even the top rated descents of the Coruh River which will take your breath away-literally! Not for the faint of heart, but if you are an avid white water rafter you won’t want to miss this one!

Mount Ararat is reputed to be the place where Noah’s Ark washed ashore, and if you would like to search for fragments, you have to join up with an authorized company to explore the mountain because they are the only ones recommended to go there. Mount Ararat is incredible and formidable and not to be taken lightly as it is an impressive 16,945 feet high. Even from miles away the snowcapped mountain is an incredible sight to behold.

Are you a museum buff? If so, Turkey is the place for you! Visit the town of Antalya for a look into the past in the Archaeological Museum. The historical sights are unending throughout the city, yet Antalya has a swinging nightlife and plenty of first class entertainment. Relax during the day on one of the gorgeous beaches.

If you just can’t resist shopping, you can do plenty of that in Turkey! And no, it’s not just carpets they sell! The cities throughout Turkey are crammed with boutiques, name brand stores and more. Don’t expect to get a lower price here however. The street peddlers will haggle over a price, and they often expect you to do the same. That’s the way it has been through the years, but it is not so evident now as it was in years past. If you want to bring home some souvenirs you are going to find plenty, including pottery, jewelry, copper and leather goods, rugs and musical instruments. The prices are generally low enough for the bargain hunter.

Do you know that in Turkey half the population is actually under 30 years of age? I never knew that. So, it should definitely not be surprising to find that the nightlife is exciting and vibrant. Whether you have sophisticated tastes in music or you just want to drink and have a ball, there is a place for you to find what you are looking for. Remember guys-this is where ‘belly dancing’ originated, so be prepared to be wowed!

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5 Unbelievable Places to Visit in Turkey

The more I read about Turkey, the more determined I am to visit there one day. I just can’t believe this country has so many fascinating sights, and so I have put together a little list of what I think are places in Turkey that should not be missed!


You have to include this city is your travel plans! Located in the Southwest section of Turkey, Bodrum is home to the Mausoleum of Mausolus-one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Bodrum is also known as the finest Aegean resort in all of Turkey. Boasting 9 miles of stunning, sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, exquisite cuisine, and the ultimate shopping experience places Bodrum high on the list of places to see.

The Blue Mosque

Located in the heart of Istanbul, the Blue Mosque is unarguably the most frequented tourist attraction in all of Turkey. As impressive as the outside may be, nothing can compare with the 20,000 blue tiles that make up the soaring ceiling. It is still used as a mosque today.

The Hagia Sophia

Again, located in Istanbul dominates the scenery with the massive dome that is 102 feet in diameter. Built originally as a basilica in the 6th century, it became a museum in 1935 and remains one the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey.


You are going to be stunned by the sheer beauty of this totally unrealistic landscape in Western Turkey. Completely white terraces that have been naturally formed over the centuries and an abundance of hot springs brings tourists by the thousands to bathe in the healing waters.

The Goreme Fairy Chimneys

Spectacular, naturally formed rock formations that are not only weirdly beautiful, but breathtaking to look at. 2 volcanic eruptions along with water and wind erosion came together to form this natural phenomenon. Since the rock is so easy to carve, churches and houses have been built here.

These are just a few of the sights you won’t want to miss on your trip to Turkey. Of course, there are hundreds of other places to visit while you are there. Turkey is a land of rich culture, some dating as far back as the 5th century. The ruins and buildings are sights to behold, so have your camera ready. You will never see anything like this again.

You must see the world famous ‘Whirling Dervishes’ at least once. The whirling dance (also known as Sema) is part of an ancient ceremony that is performed by members of the Mevlevi Order. Shows are performed in Konya, where it originated, but special performances are also given in Istanbul. This is a performance you have to see to believe!

The city of Cappadocia was formed after Mt. Erciyes erupted, and nature took the course from then on. There are an abundance of underground tunnels and cave houses if you have an exploring nature, and hot air balloon rides for those who are brave enough to try them.

Well, there you have it. A short intro to what there is to do and see while you are in Turkey. This list doesn’t come close to the myriad of attractions and stunning sights you are going to see once you arrive in Turkey. You may want to book a tour so that you don’t miss out on anything. You will undoubtedly see much more this way instead of wandering about on your own. If you are the adventurous sort however, then by all means get out there and explore all Turkey has to offer as a vacation destination.