FAQ’s About Turkey

mosque-279015_640I have never visited Turkey, have always wanted to do so, and done a lot of research and information seeking about the country in case I ever do get there. Below are some of the questions I have seen asked, and the answers given.

 How much does it cost to live in Turkey?

 The cost of living in Turkey is relatively low compared to other countries. Real estate prices are relatively low, and food and other amenities are within reason, depending on the area you choose to live in.

Are the people friendly and welcoming?

If you are willing to adopt their traditions, the people of Turkey are almost always friendly and willing to get to know you. You do have to remember however, that Turkey is steeped in tradition and values. But yes, the people are open and welcoming.

Are there things to do in Turkey other than sight see?

Anything that you can do now, you can do in Turkey! You can swim, boat, fish, go to the movies, dine out, dance, and a host of other activities. Half the population of Turkey is under 30, so yes, there are lots of fun and entertaining things to do.

Can I afford a vacation to Turkey?

There is a vacation package available for just about any budget. Your travel agency can suggest tour packages that are all inclusive and relatively low cost. There are certain times of year that Turkey vacations are much less expensive than other times, so you might want to consider visiting during the “off” season for an even lower rate.

What documentation do I need to travel to Turkey?

You do need your passport and a visa to travel to Turkey. Make sure you apply for each one well before you plan on leaving, as each set of documents takes a little time to be issued. If you already have both documents, as long as they are up to date, you are good to go anytime.

What about accommodations like hotels and the like?

There are hotels, hostels, and resorts in Turkey that can offer you pretty much whatever you are looking for. Again, a travel agent can book you into the accommodation of your choosing once you let him/her what you want when you schedule your vacation with them.

These are some of the average questions people ask when they are thinking about either vacationing or moving to Turkey. Most, if not all, of the information you need can be found online with just a bit of research. There are hundreds of websites devoted to tourism in Turkey, and any one of them has a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Take advantage of it to learn answers to all the questions you have before deciding to take your holiday.

The best way to learn about another country is to talk to someone who has already been there. They can offer first-hand experience, answer your questions and much more. Many of the websites have real life reviews from former tourists, and you should take into consideration what each person has to say. Keep an open mind, form your own opinion, and make your own decisions. If you decide to visit Turkey, do so knowing that you are going to have a wonderful time. Maybe I will see you there!