Thinking of Moving to Turkey?

Maybe you vacationed in Turkey and fell in love with the country and its culture and traditions. Now you want to live there full time. Before making such a monumental move make sure you know all there is to know about setting up a permanent residence on foreign soil. Do your homework about the region you plan to relocate to. Get sound legal advice before you move. Research the prices of real estate to ascertain how much it is going to cost you to live there. Don’t just take the leap because you visited once or twice and loved the area! Living there permanently is going to be a lot different than visiting for a few weeks.

The cost of living in Turkey is actually one of the main attractions, and is why so many people choose to move there. Property prices are relatively low compared to other countries, but that is not the only consideration you should think about. What about food, utilities, gas for travel, and entertainment prices? Are you ready for all the changes? Do you plan to buy or rent? Perhaps you want to build your home? You must remember that the laws and regulations in Turkey may not be what you are used to in your last area.

Yes, Turkey is a beautiful country. The people are almost always welcoming and friendly if you are willing to adopt their traditions and way of life. You have to ask yourself if this is something you are willing to undertake? It is going to be completely different to what you are used to now. It’s not often easy to fit in and you need to be prepared for unforeseen problems. If you are moving your entire family what about schooling for your children? Will they be able to adapt to a whole new culture? These are questions you should ask and think about before you take on this huge task of moving to a completely new country.

You also should know exactly what you need to purchase or rent property in Turkey. Are your passport and visa up to date? Because you definitely need both of those when moving. What about employment? Have you thought about what you are going to be doing for work? Child care? Remember-you are not just moving to another neighborhood-you are moving thousands of miles away, and you must learn everything you can about the place you have chosen to live out the rest of your life. What may seem like the ideal location when you are vacationing may turn out to be the last place you want to live permanently, and by then it may be too late to change your mind!

If you have definitely made up your mind to move to Turkey then make sure you have legal representation when it comes to matters of real estate. Hire a real estate agent to help you sort through the properties that are for sale, visit as many properties as you can, and don’t buy the first one you see! Sound advice that actually applies to wherever you live. Take your time, get to know the people in your new town, and make sure before you move that this is the perfect choice for your family. Have fun and enjoy your new life!

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