Turkey-Land of Enchantment

When you visit Turkey you virtually travel back in time. With numerous monuments, historic ruins and historical sites Turkey can give you a glimpse into the past that you won’t soon forget. On the other hand, Turkey is not just about the past. It is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world. Thousands of vacationers visit each year and that number is growing quickly.

Where else can you take a ferry-boat cruise on the Black Sea? The northern region of Istanbul offers cruises that cross the Bosphorus and back, allowing you to visit the villages that dot the area and extend all the way to the beginning of the Black Sea. Not to find of being part of a large group? Get away and join Turks who are on holiday in one of the smaller coast towns near the Black Sea. It’s quieter, cooler, and much more relaxing.

Looking for a little more adventure and excitement while on your vacation? Then why not engage in some white water rafting? This sport is fast becoming one of the most popular activities for vacationers. Hang on to your hat as you go bounding down the Zamanti River, or even the top rated descents of the Coruh River which will take your breath away-literally! Not for the faint of heart, but if you are an avid white water rafter you won’t want to miss this one!

Mount Ararat is reputed to be the place where Noah’s Ark washed ashore, and if you would like to search for fragments, you have to join up with an authorized company to explore the mountain because they are the only ones recommended to go there. Mount Ararat is incredible and formidable and not to be taken lightly as it is an impressive 16,945 feet high. Even from miles away the snowcapped mountain is an incredible sight to behold.

Are you a museum buff? If so, Turkey is the place for you! Visit the town of Antalya for a look into the past in the Archaeological Museum. The historical sights are unending throughout the city, yet Antalya has a swinging nightlife and plenty of first class entertainment. Relax during the day on one of the gorgeous beaches.

If you just can’t resist shopping, you can do plenty of that in Turkey! And no, it’s not just carpets they sell! The cities throughout Turkey are crammed with boutiques, name brand stores and more. Don’t expect to get a lower price here however. The street peddlers will haggle over a price, and they often expect you to do the same. That’s the way it has been through the years, but it is not so evident now as it was in years past. If you want to bring home some souvenirs you are going to find plenty, including pottery, jewelry, copper and leather goods, rugs and musical instruments. The prices are generally low enough for the bargain hunter.

Do you know that in Turkey half the population is actually under 30 years of age? I never knew that. So, it should definitely not be surprising to find that the nightlife is exciting and vibrant. Whether you have sophisticated tastes in music or you just want to drink and have a ball, there is a place for you to find what you are looking for. Remember guys-this is where ‘belly dancing’ originated, so be prepared to be wowed!

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